I'm just learning.....
By: Juliana Ali

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Sunday, 10-Sep-2006 04:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lonely day

Such a lonely day
And its mine
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
Should be banned
This day that I can't stand

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
Shouldn't exist
A day that Ill never miss
Such a lonely day
And its mine
The most loneliest day of my life

And if you go, I wanna go with you
And if you die, I wanna die with you

Take your hand and walk away

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
And its mine
A day that I'm glad I survived

Friday, 11-Aug-2006 11:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark


hmm.. it's been a while since my last update kan.. sibuk?.. maybe its just a reason.. you always have enough time if you will but use it wisely... but maybe not to me.. your dilemma goes deeper than having a shortage of time, it's basically a matter of priorities... most people leave undone those things that should be done, while they do things that they shouldn't be doing... well... that's me!!!..
anyway.. i think i need to start all over again.. but my only problem is.. i don't have any latest pics that can satisfy me... a fren did ask me go for shooting.. but i'm just not into it.. all the pics i've taken..

Monday, 17-Jul-2006 00:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In loving memory...

used to be kucing kesayangan in the house.. but now.. dah takde.. y?.. he passed away last monday.. kena langgar kete..
gamba nih amek a few months before..

Thursday, 13-Jul-2006 00:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday.. Aishifu

today's aishifu's birthday.. yang ke berapa?!!.. hmm... i think you guys should ask her... .. Happy Birthday to you dear.. may Allah bless you.. .. dan aku harap kete ko cepat sembuh.. ok!!..

pssttt cekya.. aku pinjam gambo ko eh?.. tq..
p/s : gamba kecik tuh.. courtesy from cekya.. .. gamba besar pulak.. time kitorg g skodeng kat zoo..

Monday, 10-Jul-2006 06:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The TITANS - Netball + Volleyball (Men)

isk.. takut nihh..
dtg lambat!!.. biasaa nih!..
cepat korg.. warming up..
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July.. hmm.. what's so special about July?!!.. well.. i don't know about u guys.. but as for me.. July is my busiest month.. in July.. there's so much birthdays to celebrate.. also.. in my office.. July is our Customer Service Month..i'm one of the committee.. we'll having lots of activities regarding customer service.. quizzes, seminar, forum, training and lots more.. besides that.. we also having our Karnival Sukan.. hehhe.. me?.. also taking part.. and last Saturday was our Netball game and volleyball (men)..

mcm2 action ada.. actually thanx to our supporter.. dia laa yg jdi photographer ari tuh..

tgh pretend relex nih... padahal memasing dah gelabahh...

missaveo on the move... hehhehe.. tq ruzie amek gamba aku time nihh...

best supporter ever!!.. 5 org jer cheerleaders kitorg.. tpi gaya cam 10 org bisingnyerr!!.. .. korg mmg best!!..

celebrate victory.. yey!!!.. 2nd place sebenarnya.. hahhaha.. lack of 1 point!!!!!.. cisss!!!.. tpi.. gaya mesti lebihh... hehhe

these are our volleyball team..

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